"There is no place for ideology in birthing. Each birth has its own story and we must respond to what the baby tells us."

- Gail Tully

Eugene Childbirth Classes to feel prepared!

The Birth Informed 6-week childbirth class series, taught by Tiffany Grantom provides a comprehensive look at the process of birth, and gives you tools, practice tips, and mental frameworks.

We equip you to have a satisfying birth, wherever you may be giving birth, and whatever choices you may make in that process.

Empowered with knowledge, communication tools, and coping skills, you will walk away with the confidence that you are equipped for your birth. Join us in person or via Zoom, and prepare to Birth Informed!

FORMAT: Group & private childbirth classes available.

INVESTMENT: $150 for 6-week series (discount if bundled with Spinning Babies®, $225) PacificSource (OHP) Flex Funds may be available for class fee.

DATES: Monday Evenings, 6:30-8:45 pm, Eugene location.
July 11 – August 15
August 29 – October 10 (Skip Labor Day)
October 24 – December 5 (Skip Thanksgiving Week)
2023 Dates TBA

Private classes scheduled separately.

Discover Spinning Babies®

The Spinning Babies® Parent Class approaches birth from the unique paradigm of baby’s journey through soft tissue and the bony pelvis. Baby has their own job in the process of birth - to descend and rotate through the pelvis, Spinning Babies® Parent Class helps you to facilitate balance, movement, and gravity within your body to make room for your baby.

This one-time, 3-hour class is in addition to standard childbirth education and can help you to find comfort and ease in pregnancy and birth.

FORMAT: One-time, 3 hour class.

INVESTMENT: $100 (or $225 if bundled with Birth Informed)

DATES: Monday evenings:  6:30-9:30pm, Eugene location.
August 22nd
October 17th
December 12th

Private classes can be scheduled separately.

Add Placenta Encapsulation to your birth care plan!

Your placenta is in good hands when you book services with Laura at Eugene Placenta.

Extreme care is taken from pickup through processing to provide you with properly stored, handled, and processed placenta. All equipment is one-time use or sanitized using medical-grade cleaners or bleach. Blood Borne Pathogens for Placenta Encapsulation trained. Placentas are stored in a dedicated fridge and only one placenta is processed at a time.

INVESTMENT: Starts at $250

Add Bengkung Belly Binding to your postpartum care plan!

In many cultures the postpartum is a time to be cared for and nurtured by family as you heal and rest. Belly binding with Laura is an excellent way to slow down and be more deliberate in your recovery.


The binding helps your body return to its pre-pregnancy shape. It can also help with posture by helping prevent breastfeeding/pumping slouching. When the empty womb is bound it offers a feeling of comfort, stability, and emotional benefits.


Binding starts at your pubic bone and is wrapped tightly around your hips all the way up your stomach to your sternum. Bengkung Belly Binding offers complete and continuous support is often lacking in most commercial postpartum binders.


"There is no place for ideology in birthing. Each birth has its own story and we must respond to what the baby tells us."

- Gail Tully