"There is power that comes to women when they give birth. They don’t ask for it, it simply invades them. Accumulates like clouds on the horizon and passes through, carrying the child with it."

- Sheryl Feldman

Looking for a Eugene birth doula? Good choice!

Choosing to hire a birth doula is an investment in your peace, satisfaction, health, and empowerment. The data is clear that the support of a birth doula improves birth outcomes and parents’ satisfaction with their birth experiences. With continuous presence and knowledgeable support, your birth doula provides physical comforts, suggestions for position changes, encouragement, information, and advocacy according to your needs and desires.  Congratulations! You are making an important investment in your health & happiness.

The Eugene Birth & Family Doula Agency can help take some of the stress and legwork out of finding a doula.

Our doula matching service helps you find the right doula - for you.

Our doula matching service considers your needs, preferences, circumstances, and budget to connect you with the right birth or postpartum doula for your family.

INVESTMENT: Our doula matching service is free! Birth Doula packages range from $800-1800. OHP/THW Doulas are available free of charge.

TRAINING: The doulas we work with are trained, screened, mentored, and supported so that they are equipped to provide exceptional service and birth support.

Whatever your circumstances, whether you are a first-time mom just trying to figure it all out, looking for a VBAC, an unmedicated birth, support for a cesarean, have trauma from a previous birth, are a surrogate or gifting your baby to another family for adoption, are under 25 or over 35, have twins, or having a medically complicated birth – we can help you find the right birth support for you.